About InDis

InDis is a independent privately owned Dutch company and UAB InDis Baltic is a daughter company of InDis. Both companies co-operate closely in providing the international and national market with optimised eSolutions.

InDis' goal is to enable its clients to maximise their productivity and online presence by providing the best eProducts and eServices for their business.

InDis' eProduct range, eServices and goals reflect its experience and expertise in the field.
Throughout the years InDis has specialised in creating effective eSolutions for both small- and medium sized companies as well as large organisations. From small, straightforward websites to advanced integrated e-commerce solutions, InDis can provide the expertise you are looking for.
We are proud of our development team, who are highly skilled and possess all the necessary problem solving and technical ability to tackle the most demanding of tasks.

In addition, our design team provides expertise in brand implementation, usability and compliance, as well as navigation; elements, vital in ensuring success.

Finally, all projects need planning and organisation. To ensure a smooth and controlled experience a project manager is assigned to each client.
Our forces are best mobilised by challenging tasks related to management of large amounts of information – these kind of challenges are met by us happily, because such assignments allow us to fully utilise the experience and knowledge of our qualified employees.

We employ a team of highly talented developers. They allow the business to undertake projects of a technical nature inhouse.
When dealing with technical projects we adopt a software engineering approach, this includes creation of a clear specification, quality methodology & good documentation.

We work in teams and safeguard against individuals being the only resource/knowledge base for a particular project.
In addition, our technology backbone allows us to develop within a product-based mentality. This gives us the option to offer new and exciting functionality across clients.