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Online Image Editor (OIE) New version 2.1

InDis' Online Image Editor 2.1 (OIE) is a special enhancement for any Content or Website Management System. The user only once downloads the special component (ActiveX) and from that moment on he can edit images directly from within his browser.

The huge advantage is that unlike other available tools the processing of for instance large digital photos takes place on the client computer before uploading it to the server. Therefore OIE speeds up the editing process and limits the use of bandwidth.

Supported file types include gif, jpg, png, tiff and bmp. A vast number of professional image manipulation functions are built in to make it a useful tool for both novice users and for those demanding advanced functionality and sophisticated results.

Optionally snapshot image area can be visible. OIE allows you to take a "snapshot" of what an image looked like. The shapshot can be used as a reference point to visually compare how the image was affected by manipulations.
With an additional script running on the webserver the user can upload and/or edit images directly from within their Content or Website Management System using OIE. The full version of OIE contains example scripts, in both PHP and ASP format.

It has parameters like a MaxHeight/MaxWidth feature that a system administrator can set to prevent images that are too big being uploaded to specific parts of a website. Also both the color and font can be changed to fit in an existing CMS. Currently OIE is available in three languages: English, Dutch and Lithuanian.

OIE could also be used by the user (offline) as a graphic tool to create or edit images, using the load/paste function in combination with the save function. It then offers the user all necessary options as any windows based graphic application would.

For more information please visit: onlineimageeditor.info
Online Image Editor

For more information please visit OnlineImageEditor.info