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InDis' eProduct range, eServices and goals reflect its experience and expertise in the field. Throughout the years InDis has specialised in creating effective eSolutions for both small- and medium sized companies as well as large organisations. From small, straightforward websites to advanced integrated e-commerce solutions, InDis can provide the expertise you are looking for.

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Portfolio: AIMED

Project AIMED

AIMED is focused on Application & Workplace Distribution & Management. Application Management plays an important role in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership. By applying policy and structure within these processes, high savings can be achieved on the overall IT expenditure. - Application Packaging - Application Virtualization - Application Standardization - Application License Management - Application Distribution - Application Testing - Application Intake & Documentation - OS & Workplace Management - Setting up OTAP environment - Training - Software - Off Site Packaging - Application & OS Migration - AIMED has been involved in developments in this field since 1995. Their expertise has since expanded to the most proven solutions. On this basis, AIMED has a number of products in the program that make IT Management transparent and scalable. These solutions also make the technology interesting and accessible for SMEs.

Category: Web development
Skills: HTML
API integration