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InDis' eProduct range, eServices and goals reflect its experience and expertise in the field. Throughout the years InDis has specialised in creating effective eSolutions for both small- and medium sized companies as well as large organisations. From small, straightforward websites to advanced integrated e-commerce solutions, InDis can provide the expertise you are looking for.

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Business Leads

Are you looking for business leads or new partners in Lithuania? We provide the largest Lithuanian company & organisation database, with more than 230.000 records and many useful attributes!

Our service (as opposed to competitors) lets you search not only through all categories of activity but also limit it to the main category of activity. Besides the name of the manager we also provide vocatives for first and last name, making target marketing in Lithuanian a breeze.

Currently we have more than 230.000 records of companies & organisations in Lithuania. We can offer you not only address information but attributes like turnover, number of employees, company age, average salary, number of cars, work hours, VAT code, company type, website URLs as well.

We have enriched the data with 100.000 telephone numbers (from different sources) and more than 90.000 email addresses (from additional sources).

We offer access in two ways: 1 time Bizz Leads search Euro 19.95 ex VAT including 400 records. Extra records are Euro 0.05 ex VAT per record. The other way is a monthly subscription for Euro 9.95 ex VAT including 400 records per month. Extra records are Euro 0.05 ex VAT per record. Minimum subscription is 6 months.

Either way makes us actually more than 50% cheaper than our closest competitor :-)

The Bizz Leads data may be used inside your organization, for marketing or similar purposes or lead generation for clients. Data cannot be made public. We are not responsible for accuracy of the data, we provide them "as is". The sale of databases may be restricted considering the quantity, type and purpose of usage of the preferred data.

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